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Dear Blog!

Life is not easy, this phrase that seems to be very simple encloses in it an endless number of experiences, reflections, analysis, laughs, tears, falls and relapses, happy moments, disappointments, deaths, births, orgasms, breakups, reconciliations, love ... but well ... did someone say at some point that it it was going to be hard?

To advance in life it is necessary to have a north, always. Of course, it is possible to walk and walk taken by the inertia of life itself until one day, waiting that being older, the heart fails us and we picture those seconds where people say that life flashes in front of you, that we have lost the time and that we could do infinitely more than what we did. Is it worth living through life like that? I respect deeply the people who had decided that their lives should be like that, but I really do not want that to be my way, among other things because who guarantees us that well get to that day when were older?

As in life NOTHING is guaranteed: neither when, or how, neither where, or success, or loneliness, or the eternal love, or health, or work ... we can then only find a REASON FOR LIVING, an ENGINE that helps us ADVANCE without doubting. Your personal, individual, independent goal, a goal that gives sense to this internal fire that WE WE ALL HAVE.

The motives for Living, for fighting and overcoming obstacles cannot be given to you by anybody. They can help you to deal with life, but the motives are in YOU. Only think, reflect, return to your essence, where monotony was not there or those problems that makes everything seems too difficult. A friend of mine always says to me that I should think about the child in me that by some means or another, it continues inside us as same the same child. Look and ask him, what would you do?What do you think about your life as a grownup?Ho will you explain to him that you dont see life with all the colors as before?... That ilusion of a child is THE ENGINE OF YOUR LIFE.

One of the things that I had ALWAYS cherish is the fact that I have a clear path in my life. Where I want to go, I have my goal, and it is something that makes me very happy, because allthough I could turn aside of the way occasionally I always have one to which to return. And when I get lost, I look at this photo.

A good decisión is probably that one that you have to take over and over again.

Dear Blog,

This Month of May has been super intense, something that makes me quite grateful. Im in L.A. (Los Angeles, USA) for work reasons, a city charged with thousand of unforgatable histories and sensation, a city where I already have a past, a present and Im trusting of having a long future.

During this week I have been able to star testing a ¨renovation¨ stage that was born on Mexico, from which my unforgetable friend Pancho had ¨everything¨ to do with it, as a result I has a new outlook on myself like never befote: honest, curious, fun, sad, brave, but above all, honest, because I did saw what I am, for good or for worst, the result of a lot of effort, mistakes, good decisions, tears and laughters, sucess and deceptions, generosity, my career, the incapacity to ask, pasion, sex…my blog.

One of the consequences of this renovation is the constant observation of your day to day, searching for errors and erasing them on the way. It sounds ¨really easy¨, but is extremly hard, that because of human beings açtend to make routines, and changing that establish routine can be hard sometimes.realizing a mistake is the first step to work it out. Feeling sorry for yourself or punishing yourself Hill only serve you as an excuse to keep that error in your life for more time.

Today I want to share with you my dear Blog, something that I realice on these days: that we have to options in this life: to be The Leader of our life or to be guided. Of course thats in the general sense, somehow in some stages where are lead and in others we lead, to have this clear Hill establish our way in life. I dont relieve theres a better option than t olead, theres people that are born to be leaders, and others that are here to be guided. I your lucky enogh to be coherent your life Hill surely be a happy one, but, what happens when you relieve your the leader and your really being guided or viceversa? Theres the conflict and the ¨disaster¨ appears.

As I said befote I dont relieve in self pitty as a solution to conflicts. I think in RE-ACTION and solutions. Not so long ago I realice that I was acting as the guided when I really ended to be the leader of my life, when everything looks gray it is surely because were not making the right decisions, or taking the right actitude. If you let life pass by you have the chance to loss yourself in it, and later on that can make your way longer. Take the control of your way, errors were made to make them right.

A last tought:
I your fighting a lot for your change and get desperate in the way, is surely because your living in that chance already.

Note: The Picture that comes with this article is thanks to the artist Jorge Nieto. Thanks a lot for thinking on me for it. You can see more of his work at

Dear Blog,

What a special month of april I had! Ive been lucky enough to travel around countries where I had some business to take care, in each of them I had the feeling of having things to acomplish, which made me very happy. In this first trip I visited Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico and now I am in the USA, at Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is an extremely special city for my for many reasons. Here I have lived through very very intense moments in my life, both positives and hard experiences also, that had made me in part what I am today. Of this city many things can be said but if I believe that a way to call it is "the city of the dreamers ". Here every year hundreds and thousands come looking for their " golden dream ". Few ones obtain it, but all of them take the medal of having chased their dreams up to its highest point.

Also here it began, many years ago, the adventure of this blog that has given me so much , it has helped me purify, to catch on and to enjoy more of life. To realize that the importance of the life is TO LIVE THROUGH IT intensively. And that is better to be wrong that to never try it.

Right now in my mind and in my heart I have thousands of feelings, images, recollections, moments boiling as a "pot express ". Many things inside me have changed from that first trip, many persons who were with me have took a different direction, but something it still there, my capacity to GIVE myself in, thats my travel companion.

Im Happy and thankfull with life, for living these experiences to the fullest, i dont know where this road is taking me, but I do know, is my way.

Dear Blog.

We have been teach that being ambitious in life and with our dreams is not something to feel proud about, that is better that we live our dreams in a reserved way. My question is, WHY?

Why do we have to feel ashame of wanting to be famous actors working in various countries, living the dream, Why not? Why is it wrong to recognize that were not happy in the town we were born and that we will like to see how many stars can be seen from Central Park, en NYC? Why is it that is wrong to say that the destiny that was designed for us is no longer the one desired and that we want to step out of the crowd?
Why is it wrong to say that we dont want to be ordinary?

Dear Blog,

This Last weeks had been particulary special as I could observe people´s different reactions to difficult situations. Fear, that trip companionship, it blinds us from seeing most of the options that are in fornt of us, when taking the fear away what is left is the essence, and there we get two choices, to be coherent with ourselves and that our words must go along with our actions or just le tour words be gone with the wind.

An example of coherence was a year ago in a naked photoshoot that was done in the Dramatic Arts Academy in which I was colaborating, despite the complex situation we all had to be coherent with our decision, as daring as the pictures were I can say we did a wonderful work. P, just to name a few, hes a guy that had never posed for an artistic picture, or a naked one in this case, he was quite COHERENT and profesional enough, even thou it was hard for him, he was consecuent of the commitment he took, and now he is an example for all of us.

Another of the actresses, N. she learned how to overcome the preassure of her intimate circle, and that made her greater. R., went against all winds and waves and pull off a spectacular shoot where she showed her body and soul in a really generous way…It is true than later she showed that her reality was as dark as her eyes yet in that moment she felt and believed to be free, she did not notice before that she is a beautiful bird really to be release…

Many people did proved to be brave and PROFESSIONAL…

Coherence or the lack of it has always been a passionate matter to me. I dont know if Ill be a great person or not, I do know Ill be coherent. I admit my mistakes on my decisions, as same as the good ones. Lately I have talked a lot in my blog about people that enter my life and in some point or the other disapoint me even thou I was warned. So what? All night I go to bed with a clear conscience, thats a result of doing what I feel, and if I trust someone and that person is not what it appear to be, well thats not my problem. The problem is theirs…of that we can speak in the second part of this article…

I had always had an internal dilema about the word HOPE. I dont know quite well if it means to wait for things to go fine or is just a concept to hold on and feel helped in a day to day basis.

There sure are many words that can define much better the human struggle. However HOPE is a beautiful word, quite beautiful, full of meanings that time, history, tears and joy had not taken the importance of it comparing it to other words.

Hope is seeing the light when theres only darkness, is knowing that tomorrow is another day and can be totally different, is knowing that in the sadest lost theres a possibility to win, is to feel that even when we are far from the ones we love eventually we ll be closer, is to feel that when you can no longer feel love a breeze comes and rescue you. Hope is the name of many boats, spaceships, books, beautiful women...many hopes is what we have, its the only thing needed to reach the starts.

Hope is what many beautiful people are in the search for, and when they get it they fight to give it to many others that needed. Because when someone has HOPE they have a posibility, and that is just enough.

Will be continued...

Dear Blog,

In this part of the world is early morning when in Spain is already a new day and I had the need to share some toughts before going to bed.

Lately I have learned not to look back, not to live in the past, or to have in mind people that are already in my past, and above all not to regret if I didnt do something in a certain way. Thats the past, and im present and a proyection of the future.

Of course, Im not talking about those wonderful people that were, are and will be in my life in one way or another. Those journey parthners, with the ones you share the best of you for some time, they leave their essence in you, a memory that lasts forever. This article is not about them, is about the “others”.

It refreshes me not to live in the past, leaving the baggage of it behind. Theres a point that makes me feel lighter: basically and generally I close those stages in my life in which people that had meant a lot for me stared to “smeel” badly...

Many times I have been asked, some of those times I even ask myself, if I miss those people that are totally out of my life (and of course, me from their lives) and the sincere answer is radically NO. Why? Because I didnt love them? Well no. Is totally the opposite. Is because of the way they went out of it. Thats the key: THE WAY THEY WENT OUT OF IT.

I can say that one of the keys for me not to stick in the past is to end up things completly, meaning, if theres a hard issue to discuss with someone else just be brave and do it. Tell him and clean yourself. Sometimes the shit that you smell is not yours, is of them, therefore: GIVE IT BACK.

A clear example is an old “friend” of many years. One day I realized that she was using me (and I unconciously left her do it) added to me, sucking my energy. The hard thing for me was not to realize this, but to understand why did I let this happen. So one day when everything was clear to me on how she betrayed me and stolen my trust in many aspects, I had a reunion with her, told her how I felt, made a balance of our relationship. It was really a hard moment for me, the highlight of it was when she said: “Please Daniel dont cry, I...” in that moment I stopped and told her, “No, no, dont get me wrong, I dont cry for you, or the friendship, I cry fro myself”. Thats the key. Stay balanced within yourself. From then on I havent regret for one second that unhealthy, unfair, out of balance friendship, I dont miss her, because I cleaned myself, I returned HER shit and my theory was reassure: Not too long from that pont my life took its right place and Im sure hers is were it should belong.

Fortunally in my life there had been just a couple of cases like this, less than five im a good balance, right? As in many other things the number is not important, is just a fact that makes clear that things were not badly done in general.

Im very happy with this stage. Happy of finding my RIGHT SPOT, happy of being able to resolve little fragments of my selfesteem that were hurt in the way and HAAAAAAPPY TO MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE, REALITY.


Theres without a doubt profesions much more....lets call them confortable than this of mine. One that you wake up in the morning, get to your office at 9, rest at 12, eat at 2 or 3, go out at 6 or 7 (just an example). That is not the one that I have choosen, nop.

The mother of a friend of mine defines it as “the profesion of rejection” because you are always analize and being asked. I dont believe is exactly like that, even thou I do understand that she sees it that way, she has reasons to it. I think its the profession of “staring all over again”. Always reinventing yourself, overcoming hard times, overcoming even sweet times, for you not to get stuck in it, of course as in “real life” theres some space for you to stop in the sweet times and let some time pass by.

Life is ALWAYS hard for everyone. Is a passionate dare, Sometimes you think your so close to getting your goals when all of the sudden something happens and the casttle of cards falls and it needs to get back up again, in many cases in record time, even higher than the last time, with brighter cards, and above all, with more resistance to the tsunamis and strong breezes, as sweet candy, they always come and visit.

The good thing about beggining all over again is in the reconstruction itself. Beggining again is to have the chance to get what you desire, is the new pulse of life, a new you who tries to get it now. To have “the possibility of...” is already one of the best gifts you can ever receive, some people dont ever get that chance, and we who can have it SHOULD take it and dont let go until its well used. Because if we have that second chance is because, we deserve it for sure, is almost an OBLIGATION to do it right, for us, for all of those who spend their lives without been able to see the chance of makinf their dreams come true.

!!!How unfair we will be with life if we let the chance of Beginning all Over Again pass by...!!!!

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